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Prong and Keyhole Hangers


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prong and keyhole hangers for pictures and craft projectsOn this web site you can purchase Prong and Keyhole hangers that can be difficult to find elsewhere. These hangers are used in picture frames and many craft projects.

Prong and Keyhole hangers can be used to hang up pictures, posters, prints. Anything you can put a screw or a prong into.

Style A and B Prong Hangers are no longer available .

We Include the Screws!

(C) Flat Single Hole Hangers with 50 Screws 50 PAC Price $4.49
(D) 2 Hole Keyhole Hanger with 100 Screws 50 PAC Price $5.79


brass plated prong hangersHow To Use Prong and Keyhole Hangers

Prong hangers are a small hanger with two prongs on one side of them. They are used by pushing those points threw light weight card board items that you want to hang up.

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Brass Plated Prong Hangers

They are meant to hang items up in stores for example. The prongs go threw most light weight card board that is on many items for sale.  These hangers will not work on heavy card board like that used in most boxes and will not work on foam board. If you want to hang things up on those items you need to go to our card board and Foam board hanger page. 

flat single hole hangers for picture framing and craft projectsFlat single hole and keyhole hangers are used on smaller picture frames, and thousands of craft projects.  Everything said below applies to both Flat Single Hole and Keyhole Hangers.

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flat single hole hangers

These hangers have a single round hole for hanging and a single hole for the screw which we include.  We always include the screws for all our hangers when needed as small screws for these types of items sometimes can be hard to purchase.

flat single hole hanger installed on a picture frameThese hangers are meant for light weight objects and smaller pictures. These hangers can be used on picture frames and craft projects two ways.

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flat single hole hanger installed on a picture frame

In the photo here you can see that the flat single hole hanger has been installed with the hole above the picture frame.

This makes the picture frame easier to hang up but also leaves the hanger exposed. When using these hangers you would want to have one hanger exactly in the exact middle of the picture so that it hangs level, or use two hangers one on either side of the framed picture. These hangers are light weight and are not meant for heavy items.

flat single hole hanger used on a picture frameThe second way to use these hangers is to drill a hole in the picture frame or a craft item and mount the hangers over the hole so that the nail in the wall will go through and hook up on the hanger.

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flat single hole hanger used on a picture frame

This is a very popular method of using these hangers.  This allows items to be hung up without the hanger showing. These hangers are used on thousands of craft projects sold everywhere.  It allows the items to hang flat to the wall.

keyhole hangers for picture framesKeyhole hangers are used a lot not only on picture frames but on many craft projects.  These hangers use screws that we include in the package. 

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Key Hole hangers for picture frames

These hangers really hang onto the nail you drive into the wall and most items hung up with them can take a beating from cats, dogs and kids before falling down.  Best of all they are not difficult to install on any of your projects.

keyhole hanger used on a picture frameThe keyhole hangers are are used in the same way.  They have a hole in the hanger shaped like a key hole and when hung up on a nail, the head of the nail catches on the hanger and makes for a very secure mount. 

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keyhole hanger used on a picture frame

Usually these hangers are used on things that you really don't want to fall down such as clocks and things of a delicate nature.

using an awl to mark the starting point on a picture frame for drilling holesIt looks much more difficult to use these hangers than it is in actual use.  The most important thing is to measure down and mark the exact point you want the center of the hole to be, in the picture frame moulding or the craft project.

To mark those holes and make a starting point for drilling the holes you want to use an awl.  This way the starting point can be made exact and it gives the tip of the drill a nice point for starting the drill into the wood.

Click here to see a larger image of the how to use the awl to mark the starting point on a picture frame

If you are using two hangers on both sides of a picture frame, you want those holes to be exactly the same distance down each side of the picture frame in order to make sure the picture frame gets hung up level on your wall.

Drilling the hole is where a number of people get hung up.  It is easy if you use the right drill.  You can't usually use a wood workers spade bit drill on a picture frame, or other light weight project because the cutting tip end could and will easily go all the way though a picture frame ruining the front side of the picture frame.  Those drills cut very fast and this is not a place where you want to cut real fast.

drill bit for installing picture frame hangersThe simplest drill for the home owner to use is a plain ordinary 1/2 inch bit metal workers drill bit which can be brought anywhere. This drill will start on the punch mark you made with the awl very accurately.  It drills slow enough to be easily controllable by anyone even to the depth you wish to make.  

Click here to see a larger image of the drill bit used for installing hangers on picture frames

This drill also makes a very nice looking hole with a very nice looking rounded shape in the bottom.  It it hard to go wrong using this drill and is highly available to anyone. If you need to buy one make sure the end that goes into the drill will fit a 3/8 inch drill.  This is the common drill found everywhere.  Not many home owners have a full 1/2 inch size drill.  Just ask the clerk to get you a 1/2 inch metal drill bit to fit a 3/8 inch drill and he will know exactly what you want.

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