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Push Mates & Points For Picture Framing


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On this web site you can purchase tools for installing art into frames that are perfect for home owners to put their own pictures together. These tools make finishing picture frames fast, easy, quick and fun!

push mate picture frame finishing tool

The PushMate

This is a specialized point driving tool. It is made to drive both loose triangle and regular picture frame push points into the backs of picture frames. It is also used to drive push points into window frames to hold glass in windows.

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Pushmate point driving tool

It works very well and you are able to drive the points into the picture frames flush and square. The package comes with a small canister of regular push points, enough to do several picture frames.

Lots of home owners use this method of fitting their picture frames instead of the specialized more expensive guns. There are always many alternatives in picture framing. Use what works for you!

Fletcher PushMate Point Driving Tool Price $9.89
Push Points 150 PAC Price $3.86


How To Install Art Into Picture Frames
Using Simple Tools

the pushmate point driving tool for picture framersOnce you have a picture frame made, the day is coming that you want to fill it with your art work.  This most of times means putting glass, mats, and a filler into the picture frame. 

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point driving tool for picture framers

The quickest easiest way to lock your precious art into the picture frame is by the use of  Point Gun which is made to shoot various sizes and kinds of points into wooden picture frames.  These work very well but are still quite expensive for the average home owner who just wants to work on maybe four or five pictures a year.

For those folks there are alternative methods of doing the same job. Remember the Red and Green show?  "If the ladies don't find you handsome, them let them find you handy". Well there are always ways to work on picture frames that will make you look might handy!

using a push mate to put points into a picture frameOne low cost approach to installing art into picture frames is by the use of Fletchers new tool called the Push Mate.  The use of this tool is pretty straight forward.  You place your glass, and art into the picture frame and then use the Push Mate to drive in Push Points around the insider perimeter of the picture frame.

Click here to see a larger image showing how to use the PushMate to push points into the back of a picture frame. 

The Push Mate tool has slots in it that hold the Push Points quite well, (when both are held against the materials going into the frame).  What I am trying to say is that the Push Mate makes it possible to drive the Push Points straight in, without the Push Points twisting on you when you push them in against the wood.  This little fact is much appreciated by anyone that has tried other methods of pushing Push Points into wooden frames!

how to use a pushmate to drive points into a picture frameThe tool works good, but does take a little strength to push the points into the frames.  It certainly works better on soft wood frames.  Soft wood frames make up about 80% of picture frames being sold.

Click here to see a larger image of the PushMate Point driving tool. 

Using a solid hard wood picture frame such as oak, it can be difficult to drive in the Push Points using the Push Mate tool.  Of course anyway is difficult in a hardwood picture frame.  Even most Point Guns have a hard time driving in points into these kinds of frames, or only drive the points in just a little ways.

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