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Rub and Buff


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Rub and Buff for picture framesOn this web site you can purchase Rub and Buff which is the original wax metallic picture frame finish. This is wonderful stuff.

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Rub and Buff

It is made using special waxes, fine metallic powders and select pigments. The unique blend gives pieces decorated with Rub and Bluff a finish that no paint can duplicate. Just a little bit of this stuff goes a long way!

Rub and Buff

All Tubes below $6.49 each

Gold Leaf
Antique Gold
Ebony (black)
Antique White
Autumn Gold (copper)
Grecian Gold
Spanish Copper


How To Use Rub and Buff

picture frame without rub and buff on it.Rub and Buff is a wonderful product. I got to tell you, if you haven't tried this product out yet you really must! I don't say that lightly either. This stuff is really, really nice.

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Picture Frame without Rub and Buff on it

While explaining what Rub and Buff is, I am going to try to show you just how nice this stuff is by using a picture frame as an example. I really encourage you to look at the larger pictures as I go along. The nice walnut picture frame above is shown as is, with no Rub and Buff on it.  Please keep in mind, you could be applying this stuff to any craft product or whatever.

Rub and Buff can be applied to any clean, dry surface as well as over previously painted surfaces like picture frames, your furniture, your craft projects, your art!, just about anything you can might think of. This stuff is just unbelievable! I am still thrilled just thinking about the possible uses for this stuff if only I had more time.

picture frame with gold  Rub and Buff applied to itThe picture shown here is the same picture frame above that I applied a little  Gold Rub and Buff on to it and then used my finger to rub it into the wood. Just a little bit of this stuff goes a long way!

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Picture frame with Gold Rub and Buff

I then let the Rub and Buff dry for a few minutes.  It don't take long.  Then I buffed it with a soft cloth.  This made a beautiful antique gold looking end to the picture frame.  Rub and Buff will shine up nicely with buffing!

The Rub and Buff when it gets dry can take hard abuse and if too much is left on to dry, it can be hard to buff off.  This is why rubbing it down while still wet with a finger works so well.  You want to do a little at a time.  

black rub and buff on a picture frameWhat I did in this photo is to apply some black Rub and Buff to the same walnut picture frame.  It completely covered in one coat. 

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Black Rub and Buff applied to a frame

You will be amazed at how far this stuff goes.  It only took just a little bit out of the tube to do what I have done here.  One of these little tubes should easily do a couple of 16 by 20  one inch wide picture frames I would think.

All the picture frame photos shown here have had only one coat of Rub and Buff applied, but more coats can be applied over the tops of other coats if needed, It goes on easy and covers well.

To use just apply a small amount on the surface of the item you want to beautify or change colors of. Then using your finger or small brush rub it evenly and thinly over any surface. Soft clothes and bristle brushes may also be used. If using your fingers, which work the best, I highly recommend the use of latex style gloves as when this stuff gets on your hands it don't come off easily. Wow! this stuff would work great on finger nails, oh the list goes on and on...

gold rub and buff on a picture frameThis next picture I just had to try out something different so I took a piece of white picture frame moulding and applied some of the gold rub and buff to it.

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Picture frame with gold Rub and Buff

Man this stuff looks nice! It only took a little bit to cover this end of the picture frame.  I rubbed it to a nice shine in only a minute. 

You can easily get your items more shiny than I have pictured here.  I have my camera's set up so that when taking the photos for this web site, I get as little glare (or shine) as possible so that you can see detail, not a glossy glare.  The gold picture frame above for example is actually much more "shiny" than pictured.

Remember, try to keep it smooth when applied and make sure it is dry before rubbing.  It dries to a hard coat that can be easily buffed up.  This stuff is EASY to work with!

Rub and Buff dries in a few minutes, then you can buff the item with a soft cloth to achieve a hand rubbed lustrous finish. Use of a cloth works lots better than a paper towel.

You should never use paper towels to finish, or hand rub any item. Paper towels actually leave tons of light microscopic scratches when rubbed hard on any surface such as nice painted cars. You can ruin plaxi-glass airplane windows or motorcycle windshields quite quickly using paper towels to clean them. I learned this the hard way.

Rub and Buff can be applied to any nice hard surface and comes in a number of different colors.  You could mix colors while wet, or you can let one color dry, rub and buff it, then rub on a little of a different color such as Grecian Gold over Gold, and quickly rub that most off while wet, then dry and buff all to get a great looking antique picture frame.  Any of this kind of doing will bring out the artist in you!

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