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Rubber Rollers


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On this web site you can purchase Rubber Rollers that are made with steel wire handles and have a very smooth rolling action.

Picture Framers Rubber Roller


Picture Framers Rubber Rollers

This is a really nice rubber roller. It works good, is smooth do the job real well. It will work great for smoothing down photos and art when used with our dry mount adhesive.


These Rubber Rollers are no longer available to us. Company closed down.

How To Use Rubber Rollers

rolling down art on to mat boardsRubber Rollers are used in many applications. They are extremely nice with used with our dry mount adhesive. 

Click here to see a larger image of the
Art being rolled smooth with a Rubber Roller

After the photo or art is applied to the top of the dry mount you can cover the photo or art with your sheet of release paper and roll the photo down nice and smooth instead of using the scraping tool to flatten out the photo or art.  Smoothing out the photo this way lessens the chance of causing scratches on the smooth face of photos.

When using our picture adhesive sprays to spray the backs of pictures or art you can then mount the picture on a mount board and roll it with on of these rollers to make them nice and smooth.  You have to be careful with sprays as to not get any on your photos or art and the use of release paper is highly recommended.

The rollers work well on any two items that need to be compressed to get them to seal, such as mat boards, foam boards and other materials.

These rollers would probably work great rolling out pie crust.  I would accept any sample of any finished products to taste test for you!

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