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Picture Frame Rubber Bump-Ons


Your #1 Source For Picture Frame Supplies

rubber bump-0ns for picture framesOn this web site you may purchase all the Rubber Bump-Ons you need for your picture framing. You place them on the back of your picture frames to protect your walls and to stop your pictures from slipping and ends that crooked look.

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Rubber Bump-0ns for picture frames

These are the finest Rubber Bump-Ons available. Put them on the back of all your pictures to add that finishing touch to all your picture framing jobs.

rubber bumpons for picture framingThe picture frame Bump-Ons shown here have flat surfaces on the tops.

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Silicone Rubber Bump-ons for picture framing

All our rubber bump-Ons are self sticking. You just pull them off the package and stick them to your pictures.

1 Pad of 50 Black Rubber Bump-Ons Price $4.79
1 Pad of 50 Brown Rubber Bump-Ons Price $4.79
1 Pad of 50 Clear Rubber Bump-Ons Price $4.79

200 Black Rubber Bump-Ons Price $19.49
200 Brown Rubber Bump-Ons Price $19.49
200 Clear Rubber Bump-Ons Price $19.49

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