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Stretcher Bar Frame Clips


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On this web site you can purchase stretcher bar frame clips that are designed to easily and quickly attach a stretched canvas into a picture frame. It is thus possible to quickly interchange pictures.

stretcher bar clips to install canvas paintings in picture framesStretcher Bar Clips

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stretcher bar clips

Size A measures 1 5/8 inches across the top and fits canvas frames that measures from 1 3/8 to 1 5/8 inches wide.

Size B measures 1 7/8 inches across the top and fits canvas frames that measure from 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 inches wide.

Size A Stretcher Bar Clips 4 PAC Price $1.49
Size A Stretcher Bar Clips 12 PAC Price $3.89
Size A Stretcher Bar Clips 50 PAC Price $16.29

Size B Stretcher Bar Clips 4 PAC Price $1.49
Size B Stretcher Bar Clips 12 PAC Price $3.89
Size B Stretcher Bar Clips 50 PAC Price $16.49

How To Use Stretcher Bar Clips To Install Canvas Paintings In Picture Frames

stretcher bar clips to install canvas paintings in picture framesStretcher  bar clips are very simple to use.
in the photo here you can see the two sharp prongs that stick into the wood of the moulding.

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stretcher bar clip for canvas paintings

Just insert the prongs between the frame and the canvas painting and slip the other end over the stretcher bar. You can do all this with just your fingers and don't need to use other tools to insert the clips into the picture frames. Pictures require at least 4 per frame, more for pictures larger than 16 by 20.

These frame clips allow you to easily mount art into picture frames. They are designed to allow quick interchange of art work from frame to frame.  They are reusable and will not damage the frame or art work.

stretcher bar clip inserted into a picture frameLots of Galleries use them to place art into nice picture frames for showing, but allow art to be sold with out the picture frame. This allows the customer to purchase the art without purchasing a frame that they may not like, plus saving the price of a frame that they may not really want.

Click here to see a larger image of a
stretcher bar clip that is inserted into a picture frame to hold the canvas painting

Selling paintings this way gives the gallery owner lots of options.  For example the customer may love the painting as you have it installed into a nice picture frame and would like to buy it this way.   This option is the only way many galleries operate and wonder why they don't sell as much art as the store down the street.

The smart gallery owner uses his options, he can sell the painting as is (option 1) or he can quickly take the picture out of the frame and show it in some other picture frames especially if the canvas painting is done on a standard size picture frame.  If not, the customer is at least looking at the art in other picture frames and can see how nice the art looks there as well.  Good art sellers can really take advantage of this if they got their sales technique down good.

Then there is the last option of selling the art without a frame.  But any sale is better than no sale so good sales people use all the options they can get.

Stretcher Bar Clips should not be used on art works that are being sold with the frame unless it is not a very expensive piece.  If it is a piece of really nice art it is much more better to use our Offset Clips to install the art, then finish the back side of the art work as you normally would.

The Sizes given are the manufacturers stated size for standard size stretcher bar frames. We suggest you try both in smaller packages until you find what works best for you. They are quite different. 

These stretcher bar clips are designed for use on standard thickness stretcher frames. They will not work on the deep canvases that are being sold unless the canvas painting happens to come close to the unfinished edge of the picture frame as shown in the photo's above.

To mount deep canvases properly it would be much better to use our Offset Clips which are made in a number of different sizes to fit just about every canvas made. These clips will install canvas paintings in most picture frames.  Many people do not realize that canvas paintings can be installed using offset clips in frames both either deep or narrow.  You will find more information about that on our offset clip page.

Sometimes if the canvas fits into the picture frame nicely, you can also use our brass repair plates to install the canvas by placing the brass repair plate over each corner.  I've also see canvas installed this way using plastic tape, but that makes for a flimsy operation.

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