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Picture Framing Trim Knives


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On this web site you can purchase Trim Knives which are used to trim the backing off a picture frame. It's a must have tool to make your pictures look professionally done.

pro trim knife for triming picture framesPro Trim Knife

The Pro Trim Knife has a wooden handle and solid metal end attached which holds the knife blade onto the handle. 

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Pro Trim Knife

This trim knife is no longer made. We are looking for a subsitute.

How To Trim Paper Backing Off Picture Frames

using a trim knife to trim the backing paper off a picture frameWhen framing pictures you always want to make the back side of the pictures look just as nice as you can make them look. I have framed lots of pictures for people in my shop over the years and it still surprises me how many people will come in to pick up their picture and after oohing and ahhing about how nice the picture looks, the very next thing they do is turn the picture over and look at the back side.  Trust me, you want that back side looking really nice too!

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Picture Frame Trim knife

In the picture you see here I have used the trim knife and have started the cut around the picture frame. To make this nice clean cut all you have to do is hold the side of the knife against the picture frame moulding and pull the knife towards you. 

The knifes are built special for this purpose and you do not have to mark any lines on the paper with a ruler or anything.  It is super easy to make the cut. To make the work go easier I hold down the edge of the paper that goes over the picture frame with my other fingers.  You would catch onto that quite quickly when using one of these knives for the first time.

how to trim paper backing off picture framesThe most important thing to remember while making the cut is to make sure you hold the knife firmly against the picture frame.  Don't ever let the knife slip or you will find that the knife will cut out over the edge of the picture frame. 

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How to trim paper backing off picture frames

You don't want that to happen!  It will happen to you after you have gotten so used to doing this job and are on your 100th picture frame that you don't think about the job anymore.  When it becomes automatic. 

When the knife cuts out over the picture frame it can leave a cut mark in the wood picture frame moulding.  Since you are pulling the knife along the edge of the moulding, this means you can get a nice long scar along the edge of the moulding.  Not just a simple cross cut.

how to peel the paper backing off picture framesMost wood mouldings can be touched up with our picture frame repair markers.  The big problem comes when you do this with gold picture frames, or other picture frames that have a lot of compo on them. 

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how to peel the paper backing off picture frames

This compo is placed there when the mouldings are made to produce a nice surface to put the finish on the picture frame.  It is being used more and more these days.  Almost all black mouldings are made using compo and most gold mouldings have it also on the side of the picture frame. 

If you let your picture frame knife ride out over the edge of one of these mouldings due to inattention it can make for a nasty repair job, or maybe even make the picture frame non repairable without a lot of work.  Picture trim knives are simple to use and do a great job as long as keep a sharp blade on the knife and you stayed tuned!

You will notice in the picture above how easy it is to cut and peel the paper backing off picture frames using one of these knives. These knives can make for a perfect job every time with hardly any effort.  One of these knives are a must have item. 

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