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V-Nails For Picture Framing


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Case Hardened -Professional
Precision Sharp - Hand Drivable V-Nails

v-nails for picture framingOn this web site you can purchase hand drivable picture frame V-Nails nails. These nails make putting picture frames together easy, fast and fun!

V-Nails are a must for putting picture frames together, that and our Professional Corner Lock Glue. One V-Naill leaf is enough for 10 to 15 frames.

Click here to see larger image of the
V-Nails for picture framing

Our glue is very necessary to put pictures together as per our instructions on this site. 

These Case Hardened Hand Drivable V-Nails aren't suitable and won't work with most machines. Do not order these for use with a V-Nail driving machine. All the V-Nails below work out to be around .03 per nail, so nail away...


7mm - 1/4 inch V Nails - Pac of 125 V-Nails Price $3.19
10mm - 3/8 inch V Nails - Pac of 125 V-Nails Price $3.39
12mm - 1/2 inch V Nails - Pac of 200 V-Nails Price $5.98
15mm - 5/8 inch V Nails - Pac of 125 V-Nails Price $4.29


7mm - 1/4 inch V Nails - Pac of 500 V-Nails Price $9.65
10mm - 3/8 inch V Nails - Pac of 500 V-Nails Price $9.99
12mm - 1/2 inch V Nails - Pac of 600 V-Nails Price $13.67
15mm - 5/8 inch V Nails - Pac of 500 V-Nails Price $15.79


How To Use V-Nails To Put Together Picture Frames

We strongly recommend our picture framing glue as you will not have trouble with frames coming apart as you attempt to nail them. Our glue is not the same as other wood glues, it is way stronger than other common wood glues. It is a bummer to get a frame all glued together, then pound a nail into it and have the frame corner come unglued. You will have trouble using the common wood glues found in hardware stores, such as Elmers Glue and TiteBond. Try our glue, it is an amazing difference and is in a class all by itself. Please click the glue link and read about it there.

picture frame v nails

The V-Nails come in grouped together and can easily be separated by your fingers as the lady in the picture is doing. V-Nails are extremely easy to use.

Our hand drivable V-Nails come in four sizes. The 7mm is used on mouldings that are not very thick, or on solid hardwood picture frame mouldings such as Oak, which is hard to drive any nail into.

The 10 mm size is the standard size and is the most popular and commonly used size. The 12 mm V-Nails are used on thick picture frame mouldings and softwood picture frame mouldings where more holding power is wanted.

The 15 mm V-Nails are used on thicker picture frames and shadow box picture frame moulding. If you are unsure what you want, order the 10 mm size, even large picture frames are commonly put together with this size.

v nails for picture framingOur case hardened - hand drivable V-Nails are very sharp on one side, the glued side. This glued side is the side you drive into the bottom of the frame.

Click here to see larger image of
V-Nails for picture framing

Look them over carefully and you will soon figure out the proper side to drive into the wood. Glue all four corners of your frames first, then nail them up after the glue is dry.

placing the v-nails onto the picture frame with long nose pliersNotice: These Case Hardened - Hand drivable V nails are for home picture framers driving them into wood using a hammer.

The picture on the right shows how to place the V-Nails onto the picture frame. Always make sure that the sharp side of the V-Nail is down. This is a good method if you are concerned about smashing a finger with a hammer.

Click here to see a larger image of the V-Nail being held by long nose pliers

holdin a v-nail just before driving it into a picture frameThen there are lots of us, or at least me, that hold the V-Nails in our fingers on to the wood moulding. Then using a small 7 oz.. Professional picture framers hammer  you can gently tap the V-Nail into the picture frame.

Click here to see a large image of this brave awesome task of
placing a V-Nail on a picture frame

A larger hammer just is way to large for this work. You really need the right size hammer for this job. Trust me you will soon find out.  Also with a larger hammer you will end up hitting your finger.

I actually do exactly as shown in the picture.  But notice how the V-Nail is made with a V shaped angle. The V-Nail will sit right there on the picture frame waiting for you to nail it so it isn't all that difficult to do this.  Once you do a few it becomes second nature.

driving a V-Nail into the back of a picture frameI got to tell you.  You must make sure you drive the V-Nails into the bottom, back side of the picture frame.  Never drive them into the front finished side.  Hey, I got e-mails about this...

Click here to see a larger image of me driving a V-Nail into the back of a picture frame   Am I good or what!

What is important is this.   Not all picture frames are made alike.  Notice the shape of the picture frame you are using.  The shape on the finished, good side.  When the picture frame is turned over and laid on top of your work bench waiting for a V-Nail to be driven into it. (I am trying to be perfectly clear-bare with me)

Notice where the picture frame is hitting the bench top.  This is where you want to drive the V-Nails.  Right where the picture frame wood is in contact with the bench top. On a one inch moulding you would put two V-Nails about 1/4 inch apart.  A 1 1/2 moulding use three V-Nails.  A 2 inch moulding use 4 V-Nails evenly space out some what. 

That's the general idea.  Remember it is the glue that holds picture frames together.  The nails are only to catch things if someone someday drops the picture frame and the glue joint breaks.  This is always the case. That's why it is very important to use the right glue.  I cannot stress this enough.  I have been doing this for years.  Hardware store glue just don't hold up and is not strong enough.  Try our glue, I offer it in a 2 oz.. bottle to make it available to everyone. 

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