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The Wall Hugger Hanger For Pictures Or Crafts


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the noose hangerOn this web site you can purchase the Wall Hugger Nooze Hanger which is one of our most popular hangers. Made from 14 gauge steel. This large hanger will hold over 250 lbs easily. It grabs a 10 penny spike or other large nail or screw and never lets go.

Mount one on each side of a heavy picture like a framed mirror and it isn't ever going anywhere. 3'' wide by 1 1/2 tall.

The Wall Hugger Hanger and Screws 1 PAC Price $2.49


How To Use The Wall Hugger Hanger

The Wall Hugger hanger is a really neat hanger suitable for many purposes.  It is commonly used on taxidermy deer head mounts and even smaller moose heads. It only takes one Wall Hugger hanger to hold these critters and these hangers will hold! 

Click here to see a larger image of the
Wall Hugger Hangers

The Wall Hugger hanger can be used on all kinds of craft projects, just about anything that needs to be hung up.  These hangers hug the wall, meaning anything hung up with them will hug the wall and not lean out.  This is perfect for many things that need to be hung up. These hangers work perfectly with ten penny nails or even larger spikes.  Almost all taxidermy mounts are hung up with 10 penny nails.  Those nails will bend if a really heavy weight is placed on them and they still hang on.  Screws with flat heads are never recommended for hanging heavy objects as the flat heads have a tendency to snap off, including the new super strong bronze colored German screws.

Once the picture or other large item is hung up using these wall hugger hangers, they just won't let go very easy at all.  Even deer head mounts with just one hanger can be shoved way over side ways and they still hang on.  But, be forewarned, items can be easily removed or detached from the wall by pushing up on the item. To take a picture off the wall, just lift it up and it will come right off for you. 

use an awl to mark starting points for screwsNow, if you want to make the item very secure so it cannot come off the wall this can be easily done.  (say you have little children around) . All you have to do is follow the directions here and hang up your picture or other item in the normal way.  To make the item very, very secure, all you have to do next is to drive a small nail next to the item being hung, right over the top where the Wall Hugger hanger is. 

Click here to see a larger image of the Awl being used
to mark locations for screwing in screws into the wood

You don't have to drive the nail into the item.  Just on the top edge of the item.  This is to stop the item from being lifted up.  As long as the item cannot be lifted up, this hanger will not let go of the item.  It's there to stay until you remove that little nail. This hanger is wonderfully secure once that little nail is driven in place.  It is perfect for earthquake prone areas.  You item won't come down until the whole wall comes down!

You certainly only need one hanger to hang up a big picture frame but due to the fact that you would have to get it dead center in the middle of the picture, and pray that both sides weight exactly the same, it is more prudent to put one on each side of the picture frame.

To use the hangers on many objects you can use a router to make a nice job of making a clearance hole for the nail to go into the hanger.  But using a router is much more difficult on a picture frame and lots of people don't have a router. No fear, there is another way to make the hole for the hanging nail.

metal drill bit used for drilling hole in picture frameFor picture frames what you need is a drill bit made for drilling metal.  You can use any size from 1/2 inch up to 3/4 or even one inch.  Most people only have drills with a 3/8 inch chuck.  Most people do not have a drill with a 1/2 inch size chuck. So if you want to get a bit that works, just ask the clerk for a 1/2 inch metal cutting drill bit that fits a 3/8 inch drill and he will know exactly what you need.  Make sure it is a metal drill bit with cutting edges up the side of the drill bit.  Almost all metal drill bits have this feature. See the larger image.

Click here to see a larger image of the metal drill
bit that used to drill the holes in the picture frame

The metal cutting drill bit is preferred over a wood cutting drill bit for our purposes.  Most wood cutting drill bits either have a sharp tip on them which can easily cut through to the face of your picture frame moulding without you knowing it, or being made for wood, they cut so fast the same thing can easily happen. Wood cutting bits don't like being bent over while cutting either,  and we are going to do that for this job.

What you need here is a nice slower cutting, metal cutting drill bit which is easily controlled to the depth you want to make the cut and this kind of drill bit also makes a very nice rounded hole in the bottom which is perfect for this job.

The first thing you need to do is lay the Wall Hugger hanger exactly on the picture frame where you want it and draw a pencil line all the way around hanger, then mark where you want to make your screw holes and the large hole for the wall hanging nail to get into the Wall Hugger hanger.  This is best done with a nice sharp awl.

On the bottom of the Wall Hugger hanger where you are going to be making the big hole for the hanger nail, make a mark for that as well.  The awl hole works perfectly for the big drill to start in as well.

hole drilled in picture frame for hanging up pictureWhen you know exactly where you want to make the big hole for the hanger nail, use the metal drill to drill a hole into the wood picture frame about 3/8  to 1/2 inch deep.  Don't make it too deep to begin with.  You have to take into consideration the size of your picture frame.

Click here to see a larger image of the first starting hole we are making in this picture frame to use the Wall Hugger hanger. 

In the picture I used a 1/2 inch metal cutting drill to drill the nice hole you see.  Since anybody can do this very easily, I am out to prove to you that you can use these hangers very easily as well!

drill being used on a picture frameAfter you have the first big hole made, the next step is to tip your drill down, over or whatever you wish to call it and use the metal drill to cut away a grove under the first hole. 

Click here to see a larger image of the
drill being used on the picture frame

Since metal drills have a cutting edge up the side of these drill bits, you can easily do this job. Just hold the tip of the drill inside of the hole, angle the bit down and move the drill from side to side to make the angled hole. 

Try not to let the drill bit TIP cut down into the molding any further while doing this. After the holes are all made and the angle cut made, you can use the drill to clean up the holes, make it deeper if necessary and so forth.  You just want to make sure you don't' accidentally cut though to the front of the picture frame moulding.  This whole job only takes about 30 seconds.  A heck of a lot shorter time than it takes me to explain it!  I assure you that anyone can do this perfectly after a couple of practice runs.

Wall Hugger hanger being used on a picture frameWhen the big hole is complete all you need to do is to position the Noose hanger right on the drawing lines you first made. 

Click here to see a larger image of the
Wall Hugger hanger in use on the picture frame

Now make sure there is enough room for the hanger nail to go into the hole.  If not make it bigger.  If every thing looks good, just screw the hanger in place and you are done!   

You can do this!

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